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Can I book an Intake Session?

Yes, our intake session is absolutely FREE!  Together, let's figure out what your goals are and where you're at.

What are your fees?

Individual Sessions:


Begin Your Evolution: 5 sessions for $600

For the individual that wants a framework to follow using powerful tools and techniques  towards happiness, success, life balance, confidence, and life empowerment.

Ready for Exponential Evolution: 8 sessions $850

For the individual that is aware of their thoughts and emotions, and is ready to achieve the next level of potential.  No holding back! Balls to the wall!

The Mastermind:

Yearly $7500

Using powerful tools to  create a support system in the work place or at home.  Defining long term goals, phasing them into short and attainable achievements, quarterly recharge and resetting sessions. This is for the individual is setting up for ultimate success.  


Depends on size of group, content, hours

Starting at $2000

What is coaching?

Developing the mind is something that usually is left of fitness and sports training.  I like to include mindset coaching to achieve the highest levels of success.  Mindset shifts correlate to all aspects of life, so wherever you are in life you’ll be able to implement these techniques to bring about positive results.